A Spectacles Fan


I am a huge spectacles fan and there is no other brand I love form then Oakley’s. This is a picture of one of my favorite models, the M Frame. The company has been around for years and all through high school I used to see people wearing them.

Nothing has changed today and the company has continued to expand globally. Oakleys is a massive company to say the least. As an athlete for many years, I could not go anywhere without my Oakleys. I am already a spectacles fanatic and out of all the brands out there Oakley takes the cake in my book.

If you are in a hot, humid and sunny state like Florida, Texas or California you one of the best things you can do is to do yourself a favor and get a pair. The sun’s harmful rays can do a number on even the most adapted sun bird and no sense in squinting your eyes all day without some cool looking shades right?

I have a friend who is a pool expert at www.poolinstallationsanantonio.com who absolutely swears by eye protection being out in the Texas sun installing pools. You won’t find him working on trees or working out without a pair on. I guess it just all depends on the invidual. Obviously, if you work a specific job field that requires eye protection like arborists you absolutely must take eye protection seriously.

There are so many models out there from Ray Ban to Oakely to Nike. Nike, actually has some nice looking shades as well but nothing touches Oakley in my book. They have more colors and variations then one can dream of and numerous styles as well.

It is just a safer bet to wear shades as it protects the skin around the eyes from the suns UV rays and obviously, you dont have to go spend $100 plus for a pair of M Frames. You can get a cheap pair of sunglasses for $5 if you so choose. The bottom line is you want to be safe and take care of your health.

I may be an Oakley freak but the bottom line up front is that you can make the choice to wear the M Frames or any other brand if you want, just take your of your eyes. You dont get another pair so you best take care of them with some protection.

Feel free to get in contact with me if you have any further questions or concerns.