5 Reasons To Wear Shades


5 Reasons To Wear Shades

There are endless reasons why anyone would want to wear sunglasses but here are 4 main reasons.

1. Defense against skin cancer. Who wants or needs that right? No one. Protecting your eyes from the suns UV rays is one of the smartest things you can do. You can get cancer of the eye lids and skin around the skin areas of your eyes. The best defense against that is wearing a nice looking pair of shades that can block that out for you.

2. Clear Vision – if you are wearing sunglasses you are not fatiguing your face and eyes by squinting all the time. We all know how uncomfortable that can be while trying to drive a car and getting ole big bright all up in our grill right? No fun. Get some shades on your face and fix that problem really quick.

3. Adaptation to the Dark – Say whaaaaaat? Yessssir. You can adapt to darkness quicker by wearing sunglasses. You spend, at most 3 hours in the sunlight and you will find yourself having a hard time adapting to indoor light levels.

4. Protection from blue-light. No, I’m not trying to go disco on ya. If you spend too much time in the blue portion of the sun’s spectrum you could be stuck like chuck. Faghhheeeettttaaabout it. You could run the risk of being susceptible to various skin diseases that you simply don’t need. I have a friend who works at sanantonioasphaltinstallation.com who is out in the blazing heat working pavement on all day in Texas. You have to protect your eyes and skin especially if you are like him who works out in the heat and humidity all day in the direct line of sunlight.

5. Protection from the Sun’s UV Rays – no one cares to have cataracts and this is something that can occur from being exposed too often to the sun without eye protection. This is serious and that is why I always preach to have a nice looking pair of shades on your face that have the proper defenses against the suns rays. It is an easy fix to walk down to the gas station and get yourself a cheap pair of $5 shades. You don’t have to spend $120 on a pair of Oakleys if you don’t want to but it is an easy decision to start wearing sunglasses and quite a wise one at that.

Thee are just 5 reasons why you should be taking the time to wear sunglasses. I am all about spectacles here at The Spectacles as you can already very well see, no pun intended.

You only get one go-around in this life, that we know of, so you might as well start taking your vision and eye defense as seriously as you can. Keep the fun though. Life is already far too short so don’t take things too seriously, of course. You already know what it feels like to drive your car on a sunny day without sunglasses with ole big bright beating down on your face. It isn’t pleasent to say the least. Do something about it. Do it!