Oakley Scars


Since my site is all things spectacles I wanted to write a short post about my all-time favorite model of Oakley sunglasses, the oakley scars.

These are not easy to get anymore. I had the blue lense shown in the picture and these bad boys are not easy to find. I’d say there are only a few left in the blue color and most of which sell for well over $100.00 on ebay.

Slick look to them for sure. Fortunately, you can still find these on ebay and elsewhere but there aren’t many left to go around, not in this color.

Generally, you want to be wearing sunglasses all the time when outdoors to defend yourself against the Sun’s ultraviolet rays. There simply is no reason to not defend your skin and eyes against this but often times folks don’t always feel comfortable with them on or, for whatever reason, simply choose to go without them.

I ran track in high school and absolutely fell in love with the M frames back in the day. They are still around and Oakley has only grown in its success. Athletes from runners to basketball players to every other specialty where them.

You don’t necessarily have to go out and buy a brand new $100.00+ pair of Oakleys. You can get a nice, used paid for half the cost or if your not the spending type and don’t want to break the bank then get a cheap pair to wear. You can find any good pair of shades that will protect yourself against the Sun’s UV rays for $5 to $10 bucks.

The bottom line is you want to feel comfortable with what you are wearing whether they are Oakley or not is the least of our concerns. Preferably, I always thought the Oakley scars were a cool looking pair of shades and nowadays, they are extremely rare to find anymore. A new pair in this color is even difficult to find on ebay or online elsewhere.

If you want to hang out at the local pool you have to expect that you will be getting hit with the suns U-V rays. The scars are my #1 recommendation to protect your eyes and skin from those rays. My #1 recommendation if you have a pool that needs repaired or renovated is pooldeckrepairsanantonio.com You don’t mess with Texas and these pool deck professionals not only made my back yard pool look fit for a Saudi King and his family to hang out in; I no longer have the stress of slipping and dealing with cracks like I did in the past.